How to Collect U.S. Quarters

Collecting U.S. quarters is a great way to start collecting coins especially with the new state quarters coming out. This is how I would start collecting U.S. quarters.

I would narrow the collection of quarters down to collecting Washington quarters and the new state new quarters. Next I would buy the coin albums where those quarters will be housed. One album will be for the state quarters and there will be four albums for the Washington quarters. You can buy these albums either at bookstores such as Barnes and Noble or online at different coin collecting sites.

Once you have the albums or even before you can start collecting quarters. Check your change when you buy anything because this is where you will pick up your first quarters. With the quarters you find in your change slide them in your respective albums until you have filled up the album. The state quarters albums do not split up the coins by mint marks such as the Denver mint or Philadelphia mint. Now the Washington quarter albums will split the quarters up by mint marks. They will be either “D” for Denver or no mint mark for Philadelphia.

There are several ways of collecting the U.S. quarters . One way is by checking your change as we discussed earlier. Other ways are through coin clubs, online stores or auctions such as Ebay or Yahoo, or coin shows. Some of the older quarters such as the 1932 quarter through 1962 quarters you will have to get them through a coin show or online store or auction since these coins are made up of silver and not just silver clad either. The costs of these silver coins have gone up considerably. Below is a list of websites that I found useful:
These websites should be enough to get you started.

Collecting U.S. quarters is a great way of starting coin collecting. It will also help you understand the fun and excitement of coin collecting.

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