How to Sell Magazine Subscriptions

There are several ways of starting up a stream of revenues for a person who is broad minded and well versed with the technological advancements in the world. Magazine subscriptions are a latest addition to the list of different types of businesses that can be commenced to earn livelihood. However, it is very critical to make sure that the investor understands the target market as well as the method to correctly enforce the process of selling subscriptions. It can take a bit of time to attract customers at the start and the positive returns are assumed to begin from the start of the six month.


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    First of all, it is crucial to name your brand in such a fashion that the target market directly co-relates it with reading or magazines. The name shouldn’t be obscure that leaves a doubt in the viewers mind about the potential category of commodity that it deals in.

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    Choose a wholesale magazine subscription dealer that will act as the supplier of the product. The outsourced company should have a positive reputation and great reach to make sure that it encapsulates the entire target market. No matter how good the articles are written inside the magazine, if the supplier isn’t up to the prescribed standards, the readers won’t be attracted to purchase the product.

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    All the details of the magazine subscription should be shared with the wholesale magazine subscription dealer and the potential receipt of first magazine subscription should be queried during this process.

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    All the article titles should be prepared and everything related to the subscription deal should be discussed. The meeting can include the questions like how much will a particular magazine subscription charge and how long will the subscription last.

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    Brochures for the magazine should be constructed in such a way that they depict a clear cut message and domain of the magazine. Some brochures should be distributed amongst the close relatives, friends and neighbours whereas a handful of fliers should also be distributed amongst the target market especially at the lunch time.

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    The financials should be created and a payback period should be undertaken. It will help you understand the amount of time required for the initial investment to payback. Net Present Value and other capital investment appraisal techniques should also be carried.

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    Advertise the magazine through different mediums that should be chosen very smartly.

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    All the orders should be replied back and an online database should be kept to keep the track.

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