Homemade Butterfly Feeder

Butterflies are amazing creatures that are fascinating to watch. Butterflies are exceptionally beautiful, and the colors and patterns that adorn their graceful wings are an example of the pure magnificence of nature. Butterflies are always welcome in yards and gardens, and their mesmerizing beauty is truly unique. You can enjoy attracting butterflies to your yard by providing them with the foods they love.

Besides attracting butterflies with colorful nectar-rich flowers, you can attract butterflies to your yard by offering fruit in a colorful homemade butterfly feeder. This homemade butterfly feeder will attract scores of butterflies and provide them with the flavorful fruits they enjoy. What’s more, this homemade butterfly feeder is decorative, and it’s a great homemade addition to any flowerbed or garden.

Necessary Supplies

To make this decorative butterfly feeder you’ll need a flowerpot made of terracotta along with a matching terracotta saucer. Any size will do. You’ll also need weather resistant grout in a color of your choice, tile adhesive, and embellishments such as faux gems, flat marbles, broken ceramic tiles, polished stones, and small seashells. Decorate your homemade butterfly feeder with any weather resistant embellishments you wish. Come up with decorative embellishments to create a butterfly feeder as beautiful as the butterflies that will visit your yard.


Begin making the butterfly feeder by turning the terracotta flowerpot upside down. Apply a ring of tile adhesive to the bottom of the flowerpot, and glue it to the center of the bottom of the terracotta saucer. The flowerpot will serve as a stand, and the saucer will serve as a dish. Let the tile adhesive dry.

After the tile adhesive connecting the saucer to the flowerpot has dried, glue embellishments to the saucer and the outer sides of the flowerpot. Place the embellishments in rows around the flowerpot and saucer, or create a specific pattern or design. Place the embellishments close together, but leave a little space in between. The weather resistant grout will fill in the spaces, and the grout will add definition and contrast to the decorations adorning the homemade butterfly feeder.

Once the tile adhesive has dried, liberally apply the grout with a damp rag or small flexible spatula. Before the grout fully dries, clean off any excess grout with a damp sponge or rag. After the embellishments are clean, allow the grout to dry completely.

Attracting Butterflies

Begin attracting butterflies to your homemade butterfly feeder by filling the saucer with decaying fruit such as bananas, oranges, strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, or a fruit cocktail mixture. Although decaying fruit sounds disgusting to humans, butterflies love it.

Don’t expect butterflies to flock to the butterfly feeder immediately, but before long, you’ll notice butterflies feasting on the fruits you offer. This homemade butterfly feeder will add unique beauty to your yard, and the butterflies will enhance that beauty with their gracefulness and splendor.

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