How to Catch a Leprechaun

If you aspire to catch a leprechaun, you need to know what a leprechaun is and what makes a leprechaun tick. Leprechaun is type of a fairy in Irish folklore, usually taking form of an old man clad in green colour and with a white beard. This creature has known to be a mischievous customer to say the least, one that loves to make practical jokes. In Irish culture, it is believed that leprechauns spend most of their time making shoes and that they store all their coins in a pot of gold tucked away at the end of a rainbow. Legend has it that if a human being catches one of these fascinating creatures, he will be granted three wishes in exchange for their freedom.


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    If you plan on finding a leprechaun on your own, remember that it will not be an easy task as Leprechauns can hide in almost every place. Although they are sort of chubby, they can move unusually fast and if you are lucky enough to see one, you will see this peculiar mischievous glean in his eyes.

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    Red or green is the colour of a leprechaun and the apron that they are wearing, has two leather pouches with one containing a silver shinning which is a coin that can never end and the other  is a gold coin which these intelligent creatures use as a get me out of jail card.

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    Leprechauns are tricky little buggers so if you want to catch one, you have to be very creative, tricky and clever about the way through which you want to capture him. Obviously, a leprechaun will not easily buy your ploy but remember one thing. Leprechauns love the sight of gold so in order to make him walk towards you, use a trail of fake clovers and gold coins.

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    Leprechauns are also very curious about things. If you pretend that you are doing something very odd, he will approach you and then you might have a chance to grab him.

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    Building a Leprechaun Trap is another way of catching this fairy creature.

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    If you are a mortal and are lucky enough to have caught a real leprechaun, according to a legend, the creature will offer you his hidden gold in return for his freedom. Bound by courtesy and fairy law, the leprechaun must tell the truth. However, in order for him to keep on saying the truth, you must have to maintain eye contact at all times and if you even take your eye off him for a split second, it will free him of any kind of courteous obligation and will disappear.

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