How to Whip Finish a Fly by Hand

Whip finishing a fly by hand is very easy but still you need to deal with all the required techniques with great care. Some even say that finishing without a tool is not difficult and anyone with good control can do it with ease. Whip finishing tool comes in many variations as you need to choose one according to your needs. There are many advantages as well for whip finishing a fly by hand but you might feel that it has many flaws as well. Overall it is a good tool and has better control over the process.


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    Pulling the thread downwards

    Pulling the thread downwards is the first thing in whipping finishing a fly by hand. After pulling the thread downwards, the fair amount of long piece from the bobbin holder will expose. This is your first and most basic step. Remember if you get this part done correctly then it will make a whole lot easier to do the remaining steps.

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    Form a v sign with index

    You need to form a V sign with the index finger. As you will form a V sign, your middle finger of the right hand must touch the turning hand. You should also place the tip of the extended index and middle fingers on the thread.

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    Press and hold the thread tight

    Pressing and holding the thread tight is also an important thing to do. You need to make sure that after twisting your hand forward, the thread will get tighter keeping the thread on the two fingers as well. Take your time while doing this as you will want to make sure that you are holding the thread properly and that it does not slip out of your fingers.

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    Rotating the hand

    While rotating the hands for more control over the thread, now you follow the index finger upwards with the bobbin holder. Slowly rotate the hand back again and see your whip finish knot as it is on the horizontal side or not. Try to make sure that your hand is properly rotated so that the whip finished knot is sitting horizontally in the proper fashion.

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    Take it slow:

    If you face any difficulties while trying these instructions, it is a good idea that you take it slow and try again. Try not to miss any step otherwise you might face complications. You will have to practice this technique until it becomes second nature and you will be able to easily whip finish a fly by hand.

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