How to Create a Dynamic Character

Creating dynamic character has always been a most discussed topic when it comes to writing stories, novels and drama. Be it a drama or novel, dynamic character is what keeps the readers and viewers engaged. But the question is, how to make a character that has the ability to attract the audience and gain their loyalty? Professional writers have talked a lot about dynamic characters and their ideas of creating one often vary.

Irrespective of the purpose of a drama or a novel, characters are ones that do the task of keeping the viewers and readers interested. If the character is good and you have fit it into the story nicely, the audience develops a relationship with it.


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    Characters that are believable

    Create characters that are believable. Flat, non-realistic characters may attract audience, but their impact is not long-lasting and people usually get bored with them after some time. Believable character is one that makes the reader feel and try to reach a conclusion. Readers and viewers generally begin to follow characters if they are realistic and reflect issues concerning people.

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    Highlight positive traits

    If your character does not positive trait, people are not going to like it and will probably ignore it. Characters should always have positive traits. Be it a hero or a villain, you should create a character that reflects at least one positive trait. Of course, you cannot make the villain sound good and fair, as it will kills the whole purpose of your story. You can show a brighter side of the evil as well.

    It is generally observed that villains also have good character and they feel the pain. If you depict a villain that is merciless and cunning, things will work. But showing a positive (at least one) will make a much deeper impact.

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    Create a hero with negative traits (or a trait)

    Just like you highlight positive traits of a villain, you can also highlight negative traits of a hero or heroine. It is not unusual for a hero to have a negative trait and if you show that the hero of your story has a something that affects his/her actions, people tend to pay attention and begin to sympathize or keep a critical, yet affectionate eye on him/her.

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    Character must have a certain hobby

    If you character has a certain hobby, he/she will stand out and people will get familiar with it more quickly. Hobby can be anything from horse riding to other sports.

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