How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Piece of Paper

Want to open a beer bottle at home, but their is no specific opener? If yes, there is no need to worry. There are many alternates.

There are ways to open the beer bottle with a lighter but if someone tells you that he or she can open the beer bottle with a piece of paper, don’t be surprised. This trick will surely impress many people, given you practice it perfectly.


  • 1

    Fold the paper in half

    Take a medium size paper and fold it in half. Bring the top of the paper to the bottom and fold it nicely. Make sure the paper you take is a fresh one and has not been used befor; it will give you the best results.

  • 2

    Roll the paper tightly

    After folding it in half, roll the paper from one end to the other tightly. You will eventually have a paper in the form of a thin cylinder.

  • 3

    Fold it once again

    Once you roll the paper from one end to the other, fold it again from top to bottom. You will need to apply decent force to make sure it bends properly and that the two ends are level to each other. The main purpose of this exercise is to make sure that the paper is stiff enough to exert force on the beer cap.

  • 4

    Hold the bottle and push the cap upwards

    Hold the beer bottle in your less dominant hand firmly and have a good grip on it. Hold the folded piece of paper in the dominant hand and lever it against your index finger strongly. Now push the beer bottle cap upwards so that it can be opened.

    You must clean the bottle first as the liquid on it will never make your grip strong.

  • 5

    Apply pressure until the bottle opens

    Keep applying the pressure until the cap opens. You will have to wait a bit.

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