How to Protect a Drafting Table

Drafting table is not an inexpensive piece of equipment, whether at home or office. Yet it is the most used and in fact abused equipment at both places. It is not difficult to prevent a drafting table from routine wear and tear, you can do it while carrying out the routine business on it. Simply, you can cover with something that you can remove after use of the table or even protect it with something permanent such as board etc. Nevertheless, safety of your drafting table is necessary if you want to retain it in the longer run.


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    Cover Table With Mat Board

    You can cover the draft table with a mat board, either on a makeshift basis or permanently. This should protect your table from marks of pen and pencil and other routine wear and tear. You can fix the board with adhesive or tape etc, or can move it away after finishing your work. It is better if you fix the board permanently, as it will also protect it from dust particles and other environment related damages when it is not being used.

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    Covering Top With Paper

    If somehow you do not want to cover the drafting table with a mat board, you may use a thick, preferably white paper to cover the entire surface of it. You can tape the paper under the corners of the table, and if the paper is white, you can also use it for your notes, numbers writing and for other purposes. Once the paper gets old and worn out, you can easily replace it. It is not a costly option either.

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    Permanent Board

    Use of permanent board is an even better option since it protects the table from dents, knife marks, scratches and other sharper marks, let alone the marks of pen and pencil. You can buy a permanent board online or from the place you have bought the drafting table. Given the amount of protection and convenience in work it gives you, the amount is worth spending.

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    Cutting Mat

    If you are really interested in protection of the drafting table and willing to spend some money, you can buy a cutting mat. As it sounds, it protects the table from cuts of knives, cutting blades, marks of pen and pencils and other routine wear tear. It may cost your around $100 dollar, but the money you save on the drafting table itself is a greater amount. You might be able to find a cutting mat in use or online at a cheaper price.

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