How to Make a Heart Shaped Candy Box

It is customary to give hearts to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Valentine greeting cards, pendants, shoes and jewellery items, all incorporate hearts in one form or another to go with the occasion.

If you are looking to give your loved one a gift this year, you should be selecting something that will actually be of use to your partner or significant other. However, it is not just about the gift you give because the presentation also matters a lot in terms of making an impression. A great way to surprise your loved one is to pack your Valentine’s Day present or candies in a box you made yourself, and what better shape than a heart when it comes to a celebration of love?

So do you want to make a candy or gift box yourself? Read on for detailed instructions.

Things required:
-Sheets of wrapping paper
-Ruler or scale


  • 1

    First you need to cut out a base for your candy box. In order to get an accurate heart, use your computer and print out a picture of a heart that you find suitable. Now cut out the heart from the printed sheet and place it on the card board.

  • 2

    Use the pencil to trace an outline of the heart on the cardboard. Make sure the heart you use is large enough because the base of your box will determine how many candies you can place in it.

  • 3

    Once you have drawn the heart on the cardboard you need to use the ruler or scale you have to mark a perimeter around the heart with a width of about 3 inches. Think of it as drawing an identical outline around your original heart drawing.

  • 4

    Now use the scissor to cut out the heart from the card board along the perimeter you drew. The additional cardboard on the side is going to make the walls of your box, so make sure you cut it uniformly around the border.

  • 5

    Now repeat the same process again but this time draw a perimeter of 3.2 inches around the heart and cut it out from the cardboard sheet.

  • 6

    Now you need to fold the first cardboard cutout around the original border of the heart you traced. The sides which are additional will rise up but won't be as smooth as you want, especially around the bends. Here you need to use the scissor to cut the walls across bends so that they fit better.

  • 7

    Use glue now to stick the cut edges of the borders together so that the box does not fall apart. You need to repeat the same step with the second cut out, except in this case, you fold the borders with an additional 0.2 inch included. This is to ensure that the cover for your box is slightly wider than the base and fits on top of it when you close the box.

  • 8

    Once the base and the cover are ready, you need to use the sheets of wrapping paper to cover them on the outside. You can simply place both the base and cover on a sheet and cut out enough sheet to cover both of these. Just fold the edges of the sheet on the insides of both the base and cover and stick it with glue.

  • 9

    You can decorate the box with a ribbon on top and fill it up with candies before presenting them to your partner as a special gift.

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