How to Display Art at an Outdoor Fair

There are a huge number of artists who do not have enough resources or budget to organise an art show or exhibition in order to display their art work. That is why; displaying an art work in an outdoor exhibition or fair is the most brilliant idea that does not only give you a chance of grabbing attention of people but also saves a lot of money that you otherwise spend on organising an art exhibition. However, many people do not know how to display their art work at an outdoor fair. Learn this trick from this article.


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    First of all, you need to get as much information as possible about the outdoor fair where you want to display your art work. You should know the theme and purpose of the fair which will help you in selecting the right painting and other types of art work from your collection.

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    Make sure you have read the guidelines of displaying the art work at the outdoor fair. These guidelines are usually compiled by the organisers of the events in order to manage all affairs in a disciplined way.

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    You should carefully evaluate your whole collection of art work and select only those items that you think are suitable with the theme and purpose of the outdoor fair.

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    After selecting the best items from your work, you need to evaluate the sizes of your paintings or other items which will help you to arrange the appropriate stands on which these things will be displayed in the outdoor fair.

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    Folding tables are the best option for displaying your art work because these tables, which are usually made of plastic, are easy to carry and you can also drag them easily wherever you want.

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    Place your easels in a way that make your painting prominent and stand alone among the plethora of art work presented by different artists in an outdoor fair.

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    You should be careful in choosing the colour of your art work because it should match with the theme of the event which will enhance the chances that your work will not go un-noticed.

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    Do not forget to add business or contact cards which will let people know who you are and they will be able to contact you afterwards. You stand a good chance to get hired by an art organisation.

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