How to Make a Good Comedy Skit

Writing a good comedy skit is one of the hardest tasks. Many believe that it writing humorous skits is a natural art, which is not a false belief. However, it does not totally mean that a person cannot learn how to write comedy skits. Although it is extremely difficult, one can still manage to craft good comedy skits by putting in a bit of extra effort.

Things Required:

– Notebook


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    Observe other writers’ approach:

    Before getting started, one must keenly observe the work done by other writers. Without knowing how the other comedy skit writers attract audiences, you will never be able to write a good humorous skit.

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    Generating an idea is the most important aspect of writing a good comedy skit. You must be a good observer and thinker in order to generate a good idea. One must have a great sense of humour to determine whether the ideas coming into his/her mind can make people laugh or not. It is the idea on which your whole skit will base around, so make sure that you come up with a perfect idea.

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    Once you come up with an idea, it is recommended that you make an outline. The outline should consist of the intro, the body and the conclusion. It is another important aspect of writing a good comedy skit. Outline also helps one to shape up the idea on paper, and it will make easier for you when you start writing it.

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    Characters play an important role in determining a comedy skit as a good one or not. There is a common misunderstanding when it comes to writing a good comedy skit is that it consist of either several characters or too few. You must make sure that you keep a balance while crafting your characters. One of the most easiest rules while setting up characters is to craft one normal character that will enhance the abnormal character.

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    After crafting your characters, you start the writing process. Make sure that your story has a solid beginning and a strong ending, as both of these parts leave a vital mark on viewers mind. One of the thumb rules is either to start or end your story with the normal character. However, it is the writer’s choice whether to follow the normal rules or create something totally unique.

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