How to Make Clay Pot Canisters

People have been using clay pots in order to store food and even for cooking. They have been used for over a thousand years and there are many people who still think that clay pots are better than other metallic instruments. There are several designs of these clay pots and you can also make them in different sizes. You should never limit your creativity and you can always go look for potters who are good at making pots. They will really help you learn the best of techniques.


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    You must start off by putting some clay on the throwing wheel. You can always find wheels for using it at home. Local potters would charge a fee if you ask them, or you can buy a wheel yourself. However, learning from them will charge you extra.

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    Now once you have the wheel, you need to start it at a medium speed. You must have several types of clays you have and you should make sure that the clay you are using does not contain any harmful ingredient.

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    After you are done with putting a medium speed on the wheel, you should start putting some shape on it. Start using your hands and put them around the clay. Now move them up and down and you will see how the pot will start to form. You definitely require a lot of practice and either you should ask a professional potter, or join an art school for learning this.

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    Now use the water in order to put moisture on the clay so that it can take the type of shape you want. More the water, the easier it is to mold. However, it isn’t too easy to work with a water-clay solution.

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    It is easy to finish if you are making a rim around the pot. Moreover, you can adjust the sizes of the pots yourself, depending upon the amount of clay you have put in. Moreover, the thicker the pot, the stronger it is. However, it really depends upon the way you have been working on the pot.

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    Now you should start off by cutting the clay from the wire it is already around. When you are cutting the clay pot from the wheel, you should use the handle and knob. Then allow the clay pot to dry itself so that it doesn’t break when you put pressure on it. Later, you can use fire to check whether your pot is strong enough or not.

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