Decorate the Window in Your Kid’s Room With a Rainbow

Everyone likes to find the rainbow after the rain ends. This rainbow craft will brighten your kid’s room even without the rain. It’s a simple and fun craft for kids to make and hang. Watch as the sun shines through it.

What You’ll Need for Your Rainbow Window Craft:
Clear Plastic Report Cover (or other clear plastic sheet)
Glue That Dries Clear (Read the side to makes sure the kind you’ve chosen can be used on the plastic cover.)
Beads in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, White or Clear, and Purple
Hole Punch

To Make Your Rainbow Window Craft:
1. Cut the clear report cover in half. You will only need one side. If you’d like the rainbow picture smaller, cut the report cover to the size you prefer. On the top, at either side, use the hole punch to cut out a small hole. You will use these holes later to hang your rainbow craft.

2. Now, start with your rainbow. Use the glue stick or glue to create the top arc of your rainbow. You may want to use a piece of paper or the other half of the report cover to press the beads in gently. Make sure not to spread the glue too thin. You don’t want the beads to fall off your rainbow craft after it dries.

3. Place the beads in separate containers. Sprinkle the red beads over the glue. Tip the plastic report cover slightly to pour any extra beds back into their container. If the bead container is small, you may want to tip the plastic over a piece of paper. Then you can pick up the paper and bend it to slide the beads back into their container.

4. Continue this way until you have completed each band of your rainbow. Note: Use the dark blue beads for your rainbow. The light blue beads are for the sky. Wait between each band to allow the glue to dry. You want to avoid picking up the wrong color beads in the bands you’ve already completed.

5. In the extra space around the rainbow, swirl the glue in the shape of clouds. Sprinkle the white or clear beads over the glue and let them dry.

6. Cover the remaining empty areas with glue. Sprinkle the light blue beads to create the look of sky. Let the whole craft dry completely.

Variation: To make sure your beads do not fall off once your craft dries, spread a little extra glue through the cracks between the beads. You may also choose to use the other half of the report cover and glue it to the top of your bead project.

7. When your rainbow window craft is dry, cut a length of ribbon and tie the ribbon to either side through the holes you punched earlier. Hang the picture in the bottom window using the window latch.

Your rainbow window craft is complete. Watch as the sun glows through it on the next sunny day.

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