How to Make a Clay Pot Lighthouse

If you have a garden or patio area that you want to decorate then making a clay pot lighthouse is the perfect item to make. It is easy to make a clay pot lighthouse and they are excellent gifts for family and friends. Use some creativity and items that are readily available to make a unique clay pot lighthouse that will attract everyone’s attention to your garden or yard area.

Things Required:

– 5 to 6 Graduated Clay Pots
– Tube of Outdoor Silicone Caulk
– Can of Spray Varnish
– 2 Small Cans of Outdoor Paint (any color)
– Solar Garden Light
– Dremel Tool
– Safety Goggles


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    Find a nice open area outside to build your clay pot lighthouse. You will want to use the graduated clay pots upside down on one another to build your lighthouse. Depending on the height that you want, it is safe to use around 5 to 6 graduated clay pots. It is always a good idea to use brand new clay pots to get a nice finish to your lighthouse.

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    To make the tower of your clay lighthouse, take the largest pot and place it upside down on a nice flat surface. Take the outdoor silicone caulk and place it around the top of the clay pot that is upside down. Now, put the smaller sized pot on top of the larger one. Keep on doing this procedure of gluing and placing clay pots until you have reached the desired height of your lighthouse.

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    Once the pots are glued properly and the entire structure is stable, paint the lighthouse. Take some good outdoor paint and incorporate any design that you want. You can also alternate between different colors to make it look like a real lighthouse. Remember to take your time and allow the entire lighthouse to dry.

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    Take the varnish and spray it over the entire lighthouse once the paint is dry. This will seal the paint and make it last outdoors. Make sure you spray the varnish using swift strokes so that you get a nice clean coat over the lighthouse.

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    Get a small sized solar garden light and place it on the top of your clay lighthouse. If the light does not fit at the top of the clay pot then use the Dremel tool to cut a large opening. Once completed, you can place your clay lighthouse outdoors in the sun so that the solar light charges and runs all night long.

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