How to Sell Music on MySpace

Selling music on MySpace, or any online media store such as iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster etc. is fairly easy and it is something that you can do without having to make any huge investments at the start. But, it does require patience, quality work and above all, proper exposure to your music on the online store on which you put it up for sale.

It has been six years now that people have been making money on Snocap, a website that was launched by MySpace for the sole purpose of selling media on the internet. If you are thinking that six years is a long time and it is already too late to start looking for money by selling music on MySpace, you need to think again because it is never too late as long as know the tricks of the trade.


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    The first thing you need to do after you have made your music available for sale on MySpace, is to try and develop and a viral marketing system. Contact your friends and make them aware that you need their help to get your MySpace music business on the go. Ask them to spread the word out by placing a link your MySpace music page on their MySpace profile. When people go a MySpace profile that has a link to your music page, it increases exposure to your page and you have more chances of gathering potential traffic in terms of people looking to buy music on MySpace.

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    Quality of the music that you upload on MySpace is very important. Make sure that you only put quality stuff up for sale. Uploading music that was not recorded properly, is missing a few lyrics here and there or was just meant to a practice session is not a good idea.

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    Keep in mind what the audience expects from you. It is true that you can not always please everyone. But you have got a fair chance of boosting sales on MySpace if the music that you put up for sale is similar to what music lovers are looking for. Also, while quoting a price, be realistic. Never try to charge more than 99 cents for a song or you will end up with no sales at all.

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    Posting a MySpace bulletin is a great idea to get more exposure. Release a few bulletins about the quality of your songs, which tracks are available, the price that you are charging etc.

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