How to Sell Tools on Craigslist

Selling tools is quite simple provided that they are in good shape and have not been damaged in any way. You will find plenty of used tool buyers, particularly if the equipment is from a high quality brand. As far as selling tools on Craigslist goes, all you need to do is create a free Craigslist listing, set a reasonable price and once a deal has been finalised, ship or deliver the tools to the buyer. If you want to sell tools on Craigslist then follow these easy guidelines to help you get started.


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    The first thing you need to is to create a free Craigslist listing. Go to the Craigslist homepage, select your region and country and then click on ‘post to classifieds’. Select ‘for sale’, then select ‘tools – by dealer’ and you will find yourself on the page that asks you to post a title, mention a price, specify your location, enter your email address and write a posting description. Make sure that the description of your tools is accurate and if you are selling more than one tool then describe each and every aspect of it which should include the size, brand and usage. You will want to give the buyer as much information as possible so that they can make a decision and contact you regarding the tools for sale.

    Once you are done entering all the required details, move on to the next page.

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    Here you are required to add pictures of the tools that are up for sale. Craigslist allows you to add a maximum of 8 images. Use maximum possible number of pictures because it will make your listing catchier. Take a decent digital camera and lay your tools on a nice white background and take as many high resolution photos as you can. Be sure that the lighting is also good so that every detail of the tools can be seen in your photos. Open these pictures on your computer and if need be try to edit them to highlight different features of your tools. Remember to select 8 of the very best photos to put in your Craigslist posting.

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    When you are contacted by a potential buyer, reach a mutually agreeable price and mode of shipment. Be sure to price your tools appropriately. You might want to do some research before setting a final price for your tools. Check other listings for tools and see how much they are being sold for and also check online to see how much new tools cost. This will give you a general guideline as to what price you will want to fix for your used tools. When it comes to shipping it should be reasonable but quick as well. There are many different shipping options to choose from so be sure to check with the various shipping companies about their rates and give these options to your customers. It is a good idea to let them decide which method they prefer.

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    An important thing to decide once a deal has been finalised is who is going to bear the shipping costs or the cost of picking up the tools in person, you or the buyer. Once the shipment cost has been settled and before shipment/pickup of the tools, finalise the mode of payment. Make sure everything has been worked out between you and the buyer so that there is no confusion during the transaction.

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