How to Cast a Pregnant Belly

Motherhood is a feeling that can never be explained through words. According to most mothers, they felt complete after giving birth to a baby. This fascinating feeling however, comes with a price, as a woman has to bear the pain of keeping the baby in her belly for almost nine months.

If you are pregnant for the first time, you would be amazed to witness the changes that are taking place in your body. Some of the pregnant women go for photo-shoots these days just to memorialize this experience; whereas, there are many who opt for a belly cast.


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    In order to cast your pregnant belly, the first step is to prepare a workspace. Grab a medium bowl and fill it with warm water. You need to use a couple of newspapers or a bathroom mat to protect the surface from wet plaster, which has the tendency to damage wooden materials.

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    Cut the pre-plastered strips

    The pre-plastered strips need to be cut. You do not have to worry about the sizes of the strips but their shape should be triangular, so that all the curves of the belly are covered, avoiding the risk of getting a minor injury through the sharp corners.

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    Shape of the belly cast

    Now you need to select the shape of your belly cast. It is completely up to you if you want to include your breasts in the cast or not. In order to trace the surface of your skin, you need to use a washable marker. It will reflect the shape you want.

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    Moisturize your skin

    To protect your skin from the drying effects of the plaster, you need to massage your belly with olive oil. Apart from moisturizing your skin, it will also prevent the plaster from sticking to the skin, which can result in pain when the cast is removed from the belly.

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    Start to cast the belly

    By dipping the plaster into the bowl and smoothing it on your belly, you can make the first layer of your belly cast. Make sure that you stay within the lines that you have drawn on your belly.

    Keep smoothing your belly as you place plaster strips. To keep the casting smooth, it is important to place the strips carefully underneath the breasts; otherwise you may create a lot of mess. During this procedure, you may sprinkle some drops of water on your belly to moisten it.

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