How to Make a Bottle Cap Snake

There are countless things than can be made using items which are normally discarded. For instance, you can make an artificial snake using metal bottle caps. The task is very simple and takes only a short while to complete. However, you may face difficulty in collecting the required number of bottle caps.

Things Required:

– Metal bottle caps
– Hammer
– Large nail
– Red yarn
– Tapestry needle
– Bottle cork
– Black buttons or beads
– Glue
– Pliers


  • 1

    Depending on the planned length of the bottle cap snake, collect appropriate number of metal bottle caps. Clean the caps by rinsing and drying them. If you have more caps than required, put away excess caps in a box for later use.

  • 2

    For a bottle cap snake of average length, you will need about one hundred bottle caps. You will now need to prepare the caps so that a snake can be made out of them.

  • 3

    Place one bottle cap at a time, top down, on a flat wooden surface. Make hole in the centre of the bottle cap with a hammer and a nail. Do not allow children of small age to make the holes because they may end up injuring themselves.

  • 4

    Feed a red yarn string, about two feet in length, through a tapestry needle. To make sure that the bottle caps stay in place, tie a fairly thick knot at one end of the yarn.

  • 5

    Insert the needle through the hole in the bottle cap in such a way that the open end of the cap faces the knot you made in the previous step. Push the cap all the way to the end of the string. Follow the same procedure for the remaining bottle caps. When you are done, the tail of the bottle cap snake would be complete.

  • 6

    Now it comes to making the snake’s head. Hammer a nail in a lengthwise direction through a bottle cork in order to create a hole in the cork. You now need to attach the cork to the rest of the string in a similar manner as you attached the bottle caps. Once that has been accomplished, remove the needle and tie off the other yarn end in a thick knot. Attach black beads or button with the help of glue to make the snake’s eyes.

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