How to Make a Tetrahedral Kite with Straws

Kite flying is not only a source of entertainment but is also practiced as a sport at some locations. You might see kite flying competitions at different carnivals or cultural festivals round the world. The conventional kites might appear boring at times and you might tend to bring some more innovative designs to make some fancy kites. Tetrahedral kites are also very popular due to their unique shape and beauty. You can make that tetrahedral kites at home by taking drinking straws. Mind you, this can be a real fun filled activity.


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    You will need at least 60 drinking straws to make a tetrahedral kite at home and make sure you have a few more than that available. 10 pieces of 36-inch long and 10 pieces of 16-inch long string will be needed to bind the straws together. For covering the straw structure, you will also need 10 diamond shaped pieces of tissue and of course, you will need a ball of string to fly your kite in the end.

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    Take three straws and string them on one of the 36-inch long piece of string in such a manner that the one end is 2-inch long while the other one is several inches of length. Tie a knot at each straw and make a triangle shape out of the straws.

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    Once you have made a triangle out of three straws, you have to leave the leftover string on it. Make sure the longer end of the string have sufficient space to attach 2 more strings onto it.

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    String two another straws to the longer end of the thread onto the triangles. Now carefully pull the string up and you will make a second triangle out of the two fresh straws you have just threaded. Tie the knot to obtain the second triangle. You have just done diamond shape out of two triangles together.

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    Take a 16-inch piece of thread and thread one straw to it. You have to tie the both ends of the string to the two top corners of the diamond shape. This will complete the pyramid shape.

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    Take a diamond shaped piece of tissue you cut earlier and glue it around the two sides of the pyramid. Wrap up the ends to the straws and affix them with glue.

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    You will have to repeat the steps to make 10 such pyramids and then tie them together to make a bigger pyramid, arranging 6 pyramids on the lower level, 3 on their top and then 1 at the top most level to complete your tetrahedral kite.

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