How to Make Topiary Centerpieces

Topiary centerpieces can be very useful to give a focal point to any table. Moreover, it is moderately easy to make a topiary centerpiece as long as you have the appropriate equipment at your disposal and follow the right steps.

Things Required:

– Spray paint
– 6-inch foam sphere
– 12-inch long wooden dowel
– Low-temperature hot glue gun
– 1-inch wide satin ribbon
– 6-inch diameter clay pot
– Rhinestones (optional)
– Spray glitter (optional)
– 8-inch block floral foam
– Utility knife
– 36 to 75 dried or silk flowers
– 2 lb. coffee beans
– 12 to 48 plastic round fruits, such as lemons, oranges or apples
– 5 lb. hard candy pieces
– Moss
– 18-inch foam cone
– Glass cake platter


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    Making Ball Topiary

    Choose a paint colour that will complement the rest of the decorations that you intend to place on the topiary and lightly spray paint a sphere made of foam, 6 inches in diameter. After spraying the foam, allow enough time for the paint coat to dry completely.

    Make a 3 inch deep hole in the foam sphere with a 12-inch long wooden dowel. Take the dowel out and apply a thin layer of glue onto the dowel's tip using a low-temperature hot glue gun. Insert the dowel back into the sphere and hold it firmly in place so that the glue can set properly.

    Take a 1-inch wide satin ribbon and apply a small amount of glue to its underside. Only the ribbon's tip and not the entire ribbon needs to be covered in glue. Attach the ribbon to the foam sphere at the sphere’s base and then wrap the ribbon completely around the dowel. Secure the loose end of the ribbon to the dowel with the help of glue.

    Spray paint a 6-inch diameter clay pot and embellish it with rhinestones and spray glitter if desired. Allow time for the clay pot to dry completely before moving on.

    Take an 8-inch floral foam block and cut it so that it fits the inside of the 6-inch diameter clay pot. Use a utility knife to cut the floral foam. Apply glue on both sides of the foam and secure it to the base of the clay pot.

    Insert the open end of the dowel into the floral foam’s centre. Secure the dowel and the foam to each other with a bead of hot glue.

    Finally, when it comes to embellishing the foam sphere. Use 36 dried or silk flowers, 1 lb. coffee beans, 12 plastic round fruits, such as lemons, oranges or apples, or about 2 lb. hard candy pieces for this purpose. Be sure to leave no spaces when attaching the aforesaid items onto the sphere. Complete the centerpiece by attaching moss over the floral foam’s top.

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    Making Cone Topiary

    For making a cone topiary, take an 18-inch foam cone and spray paint it. Again, make sure to choose a color that matches the rest of your decorations.

    Embellish the cone with 75 dried or silk flowers, 48 plastic round fruits, such as lemons, oranges or apples or 5 lb. hard candy pieces. Be sure to cover the cone’s entire surface area and leave no empty spaces. Once ready, place the cone topiary into a glass cake platter’s centre.

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