4 Crafts to Keep Kids Busy During Summer

Little kids love making and creating and being imaginative. Years later they not only remember the enjoyment of the project, but the time they spent with you sharing the experience. Creative crafts not only teach children things they can build with their hands, they learn skills like math and organization and balance in the process.

1. Wild Paper Bag Fish

non-toxic Color markers
non-toxic paints
craft glue
buttons or wiggly craft eyes

1. cut open paper grocery bag and spread flat on table or floor.
2. using various colors, decorate the entire bag with silly shapes and colors and designs.
3. With a black crayon or black marker, outline the shape of one large fish or several smaller fish, then cut them out.
4. Glue a button or wiggly craft eye for a finishing touch.

Big Handprint Peacock


1 poster board
Several pieces of construction paper, in at least 5 colors


1. Have child trace the shape of their hand multiple times on several pieces of the colored paper. The supervising adult can do the same, to create different size hands.

2. Have child stand with one foot on a piece of colored construction paper and trace the shape of their foot (going around toes, not in between toes). This will serve as the fore front of the peacock, representing the peacock body.

3. Assist or supervise child to cut shapes of traced handprints and footprint.

4. Lay cut shapes on poster board, overlapping pieces to create layers of feathers. Lay foot shape in front as body and head of peacock. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, begin gluing the pieces down on the poster board, working your way from tail end of peacock to front body. Then draw face.

Personalized Piggy Bank


1 coffee can or similar type can with a plastic lid that is thin enough to easily slice a coin slot in

wrapping paper or construction paper or paper bag
photograph of child or a picture of something they want to save up for
masking tape
tape measure
color markers or stickers
craft glue
3 heavy rubber bands


1. Have adult cut coin slot in plastic lid and set aside.

2. Measure the length around the can, and height of the can and write down those numbers so you don’t forget.

3. Measure the paper to be the same size length of the can plus one inch, so it will fit around the can and overlap some. The height of the paper will be the same as the can.

4. Cut the paper size as measured and lay it on a table. Outline the size of the photograph on the back of the cut paper and then gently cut a whole smaller than the picture outline. You want to make this outline and hole where you are going to position the photograph.

5. If using plain paper to be decorated, have child draw pictures of a theme that interests them, such as astronomy or basketball or skating. The child may also apply stickers instead of drawing. If using wrapping paper or decorated paper, no drawing will be necessary.

6. Use masking tape to roll doubled up (simulating double-sided tape) and place on back of photograph and attach to can where the opening of the cut paper will be.

7. Turn decorated paper , decorated side down on table and apply glue over most of the paper surface, by dabbing or spreading, careful not to use too excessively and not too close to the edges of the hole where the picture will show through.

8. Place can down on to glued paper, positioning photograph over hole, where picture can show through and not touch any glue. Wrap tightly around can and press with hands, overlapping the two ends of paper and press again to seal.

9. Gently place 3 rubber bands around the can (one on top, one in the middle, one on the bottom) and let dry over night.

10. Remove rubber bands and place lid firmly on to personalized piggy bank.

***If you prefer not to use craft glue such as elmer’s glue, you can have an adult apply hot glue from a glue gun to use bank immediately. Or, masking tape can be used as double sided tape to achieve the same attaching of paper design.

**As an extra precaution, it is suggested that masking tape be used around the rim of the can before adding lid, to smooth out any potential sharp edges from the cut can.

Wild And Crazy Collage

Several old magazines
kid’s Glue stick
1 piece of poster board 14 x 11 inches
14 x 11 picture frame
piece of wax paper


1. Have child cut out dozens and dozens of picture from several magazines.

2. Have child draw the outline of a big animal or insect shape on the poster board, such as a cat or dog or owl or rabbit or butterfly.

3. Have child begin cutting magazine pictures smaller to their most interesting part and then glue it inside the outline of the animal or insect shape. Continue gluing unrelated pictures inside the shape until the shape is filled with colors and designs.

4. Cut yarn to use as an accent to outline the collage shape.

5. Have child sign their masterpiece and frame and hang immediately.

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