How to Make a Birdbath Centerpiece From Clay Pots

Birds chanting and flying around your garden, isn’t that a site that you would love to have in your backyard? There could be dragonflies, or butterflies. Offer them things which will make them stay in your backyard for a longer period of time.

A clay bird bath is definitely something that you need to add in your backyard. It will really help you maintain the kind of site that is being described above. You can always observe the birds and other flying creatures and that is always a site to enjoy and lavish.


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    How do you exactly make a birdbath out of clay? It is easy. You have to start off by gathering everything you require for making that birdbath. Grab a plastic bowl which is mostly used for salad. Garage sales are the best way out, if you don’t already have such a bowl.

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    Once you are done with finding the needed bowl, fill it with mud. Always remember that putting too much mud inside the salad bowl and mixing it for making a solution is going to be the better way out. Use the same salad bowl to mix the solution.

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    Find yourself an empty can. If you can’t grab a can, a pail can also be utilized. If you fail to find both of these, try to grab a paint bottle. Once you have picked up one of these three things mentioned above, use rocks and sand to add weight to them. Once you’re done, wrap it up with a plastic bag.

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    With your salad bowl empty, put the can/pale/paint bottle inside that salad bowl. Use the clay mixture to fill the bowl and keep filling it until and unless it reaches the mouth of the bowl.

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    Wait for the mud/clay to dry off. It’s going to be hard for you to take the can out once the mud is dry.

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    Now what you need to do is add a little more water to the mud around the can which is already inside the bowl. Once you are done with pouring water around the can, it means that the clay around it is soft. Try to force the can out of the bowl so that it leaves behind a huge hole and it looks like a birdbath. Now cover the whole thing in clay so that it looks as if it is made out of clay.

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