Quilted Father’s Day Frame

Create the following unique frame with your kids for Father’s day. This unique frame uses old ties or tie like material quilted together to produce a wonderful frame for Dad’s desk or bureau. When you’re done, simply place in a family picture. This craft is fairly simple to make for older children.

What You’ll Need for Your Quilted Father’s Day Frame:
Old Ties or Tie Like Material
Sewing Machine (optional)
Needle and Thread
Plain, Wooden Frame (or a hard fake-wood cardboard type frame) – One or Two Inches Thick on All Sides
Glue for Wood and Fabric
Thin Foam or Cotton Balls
Black Poster Board or Felt

To Create Your Quilted Father’s Day Frame:

Get the Black Poster Board or Felt Ready:
Trace inner and outer edges of the frame with white chalk on the black poster board or felt. Cut this piece out and put to the side for later.

Cut the Fabric Into Triangles for Your Father’s Day Frame:
Take the old ties or tie like material and cut them into triangles about an inch wide. Make sure the fabric is thin or later the glass may not fit back into your frame. You can check this out by taking out the backing and glass of the frame and wrapping some tie material around the frame. Try to place the glass back in.

Sew the Triangles for Your Father’s Day Frame:
Start by sewing two triangles of separate colors into squares. When you have enough squares to cover your frame, sew the squares together in a rectangular outline of the frame. The squares, once sewn together, will look like a frame themselves. Make sure the quilted piece is bigger then your frame. You want the squares to overlap the frame so that the material will reach part way onto the back of the frame. Iron the fabric flat.

For a Soft, Puffy Quilted Look:
If using a thin piece of foam, trace the shape of the frame onto the foam and cut it out. Paste the foam to the front of the frame. Don’t worry. This will be covered up by the quilted material. If using cotton balls, spread paste on the front of the frame. Then pull apart the cotton balls and spread a thing layer along the front of the frame.

Tack Fabric to Your Father’s Day Frame:
Do this part slowly and carefully for best results. Place the frame shaped, quilted fabric face down. Take the backing and glass out of the wooden frame and place the wooden frame in the middle of the quilted material. Start at one side of the frame and begin to fold the material over the frame and tack it in place. At the corners fold like a present so that the material doesn’t bunch up in the front. If you need to, cut a small triangle in the corner of the material to get rid or excess fabric. Make sure not to cut to much. You don’t want to see any bare wooden spots. When you’re finished tacking the fabric in place, take a look at the front. Are there any loose spots where the fabric puckers? Is the fabric pulled too tight? Make sure you can place the glass in. Do the triangles seem off? Adjust for any of these things.

Glue the Fabric to the Father’s Day Frame:
When you have the fabric just where you want it, glue the fabric one side at a time to the back of the wooden frame. If you are using a fake-wood / cardboard type frame, use a stapler to staple the cloth into place. Let the glue dry.

Cover the Fabric Edges:
Take the black piece of poster board or felt that you cut out at the start. Paste this to the back of your frame to cover the edges of glued fabric, and let dry.

Place the Picture in Your Father’s Day:
Place the glass back into the frame along with any matting. Then place in your family picture. Replace the backing and take a look at the front of the frame to make sure your picture is straight.

All that’s left is to wrap it up and surprise Dad this Father’s Day.

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