How to Fake a Fall Backwards

In today’s life students are perhaps the most entertaining bunch of people in the entire community. With the fun habits of them, life looks a lot more colourful and the jokes that they crack at each other send an air of happiness in the generally recumbent and sad atmosphere that prevails in the normal day life of a human being. One of the most commonly used pranks on fellows is the falling backwards prank. This is faked and can be done keeping the following instructions in mind and following them accordingly.


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    Many schools have bullies at them. Bullies are people who stand out from the other fellows and have an air of attitude around them. These guys use to play prank on fellows and on any student that comes across them and hence make life a lot happier and funny that it generally appears.  There are several types of pranks that these bullies have at their disposal and one of the main pranks of this long and amused list is the falling backwards fake prank. In this, two students plan accordingly to fall another t6ord student who actually knows nothing about the plan. The thing is real fun indeed and the watchers and the passersby get great amusement once they see their partners take up this amazing joke on the guy that they have targeted to make a prank fall upon. The first and foremost step in this matter is to select6 the guy or the girl that you are looking to target for the falling backwards fake. It is always better to apply these sorts of tricks on people that you already know rather than the people that you know nothing about. Friends will generally take this sort of activity in a healthier manner and will not get pissed off at what you have done to them. After targeting the person, now is left the simple task of executing the plan that you have decided.

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    One of the two persons who are a part of the plan is to stand somewhere behind the target person and the target man must not know about his placing there. On the signal, the man at the back must come behind the target and kneel downwards right behind him.

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    Now, finally, the first person on the plan has to bring the target backwards and once he takes a step, he will lean over the man sitting right beside him and he will fall, as he loses his centre of gravity to the man kneeling there. The fake fall is completed.

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