How to Press Leaves and Flowers

Pressing flowers and leaves is a great way to preserve them. You can press your favourite flowers and leaves, and use them on different cards and pictures. They can also be used as bookmarks or on gifts for decoration purposes. First of all, collect the flowers and leaves you want and clean them so that there is no dirt on them. Once they are ready, place them in the centre of a large book and close the book so that they are pressed. After some time, remove them from the middle of the book and use them after making sure there is no moisture left on the flowers and leaves.


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    Collect plants

    First of all, collect the plants and leaves that you like. Make sure you do this in the afternoon, as they are dry and free of dew at that time. One of the best and most common flowers for this purpose are daisies, as they are relatively easy to press.

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    Blow off any dirt and flatten them

    The next thing you need to do is to blow off any dirt on the flower or leaves. This can be done by removing any dirt or insects in the flowers or on the leaves. Make sure you do not wash the flowers and leaves as they will take a lot of time to dry off.

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    Find a large book to press the flowers and leaves

    You need to find a large book so that the flowers and leaves can be pressed between it. Make sure the book you find has ample weight for the flowers to be pressed.

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    Place the flowers in the middle of the book

    Spread the pages of the book, place a tissue paper in the centre so that the flowers and leaves do not leave any stains on the pages, and place the flower/leaf on top of it. After that, close the book and place some more weight on top of the book.

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    Retrieve the flowers and leaves

    After some time, retrieve the flowers and leaves from the centre and place them on a piece of acid free paper for some time.

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    Use them for decorating

    You can use these flowers and leaves for decoration purposes on diaries or gifts. Make sure you secure them in a safe place so they remain fresh.

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