How to Organize Art Supplies

If you have a disorganized art studio, you will waste a lot of time and energy in trying to find the equipment you need. Thus, it is extremely important to organize your art supplies, and keep them that way. This might seem daunting, but there is in fact nothing to worry about, as with some simple guidelines, you can accomplish this task easily. With organized art supplies, your workplace will not only look great but you will finish your art work with ease and in less time.

Things Required:

– Art supplies
– Taboret
– Multipurpose worktable
– Replaceable, self-sealing plastic
– Nylon organizers with vinyl pockets


  • 1

    Get a taboret

    You are required to buy a taboret in order to keep your art supplies organised. It is a rolling cabinet which is designed especially for art and draft purposes. You can easily access your art supplies in a taboret. Taborets are available in hardwood or heavy-duty plastic and they come in all shapes and sizes. Remember that some taborets even have folded wings in order to maximize workspace. You can easily get these from your local brick-and-mortar art stores or buy them online from websites such as

  • 2

    Set-up an extra large multipurpose worktable

    You should set-up an extra large multipurpose worktable in your art studio. Place a replaceable plastic on the worktable for cutting purposes.

  • 3

    Keep the work area and surfaces clean

    It is recommended that you keep your work area and surfaces clean. This will prevent accidental stains on your drawings e.g. if some oil pastel is spilled on the worktable and you haven’t cleaned it, your drawing may get spoiled. It is advisable for you to make one mess at a time.

  • 4

    Install good lighting over work surfaces

    You are required to install good lighting over all work surfaces in your art studio. In addition to this, having big south-facing windows will be great for your workplace. All this will make the studio more attractive and thus help motivate you to keep your supplies more organized.

  • 5

    Nylon organizers with vinyl pockets

    You can hang nylon organizers with vinyl pockets around the studio in order to organize your art supplies. Some organizers have small pockets which can hold paint tubes while others having larger pockets that can even hold brushes, pens and pads. You can hang these organizers in the door frame or even on a wall hook near your work area. Furthermore, you can easily hide them in a closet.

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