How to Clean Deer Antlers to Mount

After getting deer antlers for mounting, you can either mount it yourself or call a professional. However, you need to clean it before mounting on your wall. By cleaning, you can get rid of dirt, skin and even parasites that reside on the antlers. Besides this, mounting cleaned deer antlers will not only appear good but will further liven up your room. You are required to get few simple things which are easily available from local stores in order to clean the deer antlers.

Things Required:

– Large Pot
– Heat source
– Small Knife
– Razor blade
– Fine-grit sandpaper
– Iodized salt
– Tongs


  • 1

    Discard any remaining skin from the antlers

    You need to get rid of any remaining skin or velvet on the deer’s antlers and you can do this with help of a razor blade or a small knife. Take the razor blade or knife and scrape the antlers to clean it. Do not worry about small particles which are still attached on the antlers. These small pieces will be removed after you follow proceeding steps.

  • 2

    Boil water

    Now you need to take a large pot and fill it with water. Later you should boil the water. Remember that you can use a fryer pot which is used for making turkey on Thanksgiving.

  • 3

    Add ionized salt

    You need to add ionized salt in the fryer pot with water. Remember to pour 1 tsp. of iodized salt for every gallon of water in the pot.

  • 4

    Add the antlers in the pot

    Now you need to add deer’s antlers in the pot containing boiled water. Then leave the antlers in the pot for almost five to seven minutes in order to boil them. Remember to use tongs for handling purposes. This is to keep your hands safe from burning.

  • 5

    Remove and scrape the antlers

    After boiling the antlers in the fryer pot, you need to remove it. Use tongs in order to remove the antlers from the pot. Scrape it again with the small knife. You can now easily remove skin from the antlers as they are loosened now. Repeat this step if the antlers are still not cleaned.

  • 6


    In the end you need to apply fine-grit sandpaper for finishing purposes. Remember that by using sandpaper, your antlers will also be polished.

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