How to Season Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron utensils are still the most preferred way to cook. They are loved and valued by the most accomplished of chefs. Anyone who is serious about his cooking will know the difference using cast iron pans and skillets make. They are very durable and can serve you forever if you take care of them.

If you have recently bought a new cast iron cook ware, you should season it with oil before you proceed with all the cooking. The seasoning forms a protective layer on the surface of the cookware and gives it the non-stick texture that you need for the perfect meals. Seasoning can also be done on old cook ware that has lost its old layer and needs a new job. It is an easy task and can be done in a couple of hours, including the time the cookware is in the oven and you are free to do anything you desire.

Things Required:

– Cloth
– Steel Wool
– Salt
– Vegetable Oils
– Mild Soap
– Paper Towels


  • 1

    Put your oven on preheat of 350 degree Fahrenheit.

  • 2

    Scrub your cast iron cookware with steel wool to take off the protective layer over it. If it is old cookware, the steel wool will also take off any rust that has accumulated during the cooking. After scrubbing, wash the cookware with soapy water and a cloth. Dry the cookware completely using the towel.

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    Now use a paper towel to scrub oil over the whole surface of the cookware. You should coat every part of the cookware, including the handles; no area should be left dry. You can use vegetable oil or melted shortening for the purpose. All interior and exterior parts of the cookware should be covered.

  • 4

    Place the cookware in the oven and position it right in the centre. Do not cover it with anything.

    Leave the lid outside an bake it in the oven for an hour. If you have more than one cookware to season, place them in the oven together depending on the capacity.

    Check the cookware after an hour. Let it cool down in the oven before you remove it with paper towels, protecting your hands well.

    If you are not satisfied with the first round of seasoning, you can do it again for better results.

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