How to Make A Vinyl Sleeve Head

Kids these days are almost always trying to do something rather odd and over the top. They are constantly looking to pull off something that will make them stand out in a crowd, or make them feel like they are a little cooler than the rest.

Now what they are doing these days, is that they are taking picture by making vinyl sleeve heads. What this means, is that they take a vinyl record, preferably one with the image of a face or a head on it, then they place this in front of their face. They then go ahead and take a picture, to make it look like the vinyl record is actually their head.

This might seem like something that is not very smart, or bright, but actually the results that are produced at the end of the day are rather amazing and stunning to say the least.


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    The first thing that you need to do in order to go on and do this, is to get your hands on a camera and a number of vinyl record covers. This is because you don’t want to limit yourself to just one cover, since then you won’t have much items to work with. You should also strongly consider using the help of at least one more person, since it might get a little tricky for you to do everything on your own.

    Once you have all the items, go on and browse through them, Select a record that you think is best suited for your body and image and then start to use that. Firstly figure out what clothes the artist is wearing on the cover. After you do this, go on and wear clothes that are the most similar to this.

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    Next, figure out the mood that the songs on the vinyl are in, if it’s a happy album, then change the background in your room to one with happy colors and images. Do the opposite if it is sad.

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    Remember to stay as confident as you can, since you don’t want the image to come out bad. Now go ahead and hold the vinyl sleeve in front of your head and pose. Once your pose matches the pose that the person in the cover is trying to make, go ahead and ask your partner to snap a picture.

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