How to Frame a Mirror with Tile

Framing a mirror with tiles is not that difficult of a craft to learn and framing improves the look of your mirror a lot. Framing mirrors is an easy way to change the look of your bathroom. You may either break a ceramic tile into pieces and use them to make the boundary of the mirror, or else use small coloured glass pieces to make the frame for the mirror. With some basic household items you can design and make a custom home mirror with any size, shape, and frame.

Things Required:

– Mirror
– Adhesive glue
– Ceramic tiles
– Hammer


  • 1

    Remove the mirror from the bathroom and clean it with a soft cloth. Wear protective gloves as the edges of the mirror are quite sharp. Protect the back side of the mirror from sharp objects as even a minor dent can ruin the whole mirror. Put it on a straight table and tape off the boundaries.

    Mark the centre of the mirror with a marker and cover with plastic to protect it. If your mirror came with a frame, use the plastic to cover it. Use painter’s tape in this step as it is easier to remove it later.

  • 2

    Buy a single ceramic tile with the required design and colour and break it down in smaller pieces with the help of a hammer. Put the small broken tile pieces in a plastic bag and then wrap the bag into a towel. There is no said size for these tiles, just make them small enough so that it is easier to spread them around your mirror.

  • 3

    Your table is about to get messy so cover it up with newspaper or a large piece of cloth. Put the mirror in centre and put the broken tile pieces around the mirror as if to form a frame. Apply adhesive on one side of the mirror and mix the small tile pieces with it and apply force so that they get attached to the side of the mirror. Adjust the tile pieces in a way as to create a design which is pleasing to human eye.

  • 4

    Keep working around other sides till all four sides are affixed with the tile boundary. Leave ample space between the tiles for the glue to join them. Make sure that the glue does not find its way on the surface of the mirror, if it does somehow, clean it immediately with the help of wet tissue paper.

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