How to Make an Aluminum Foil Fishing Lure

Lures are one among the latest fishing equipments. Fishing lures are nicely designed to bear a resemblance to the fishes’ prey and move like them. They are attached to the tip of the fishing line in order to attract fishes. You might be aware of the wide range of lures easily available in the market, but making an Aluminum Foil Fishing Lure at home is a fun and cost-effective activity that you can conduct without anyone’s help. It is a fine science fair and craft project that you can carry out along with your children before your next fishing trip.

Things Required:

– Aluminum Foil
– Pair of Scissors
– Paper Clip
– 2-inch Hangover
– Fishing Line


  • 1

    Unbend the Paper Clip

    Grab the inside smaller curved piece of the paper clip and fold it out at 180-degree angle.

  • 2

    Cut the Aluminum Foil

    Pick a sharp pair of scissors and cut a perfect square of the aluminum foil just about two-inches larger than the overall length of your unbent paper clip.

  • 3

    Set the Paper Clip on the Foil Square

    Place the Aluminum foil square on a smooth surface and set the unbent paper clip right on it’s top, in the bottom left corner. Make sure that the overall length of the paper clip should run along the base edges of the aluminum foil. Moreover, the paper clip’s left side should flush with the lift side of the paper foil. Now you will have an exactly 2-inch hangover of aluminum foil to the right side of the paper clip’s end.

  • 4

    Cover the Square of Foil

    Wrap up the aluminum foil around the entire length of the paper clip few times until the whole square of the foil has been properly used up. Now even the edge of the foil, pushing it tightly with the help of your fingers. Carefully run it all along the open seam in order to secure it tight.

  • 5

    Create Fringe

    Make medium cuts in the two-inch overhang on the right side in order to craft nice fringe, using a pair of sharp scissor. Now cut it from the right side of the aluminum foil until you make contact with the paper clip’s end. This fringe will force the aluminum fishing lure to wriggle when the fishing line is spooled in.

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