How to Do the Pints and Shots Bar Trick

There are different tricks used by both bartenders and patrons in bars to amuse the crowd, keeping them entertained. Some of these tricks involve drinking competitions, which gets the people involved and results in the sale of more liquor. And then there is the additional money which can be earned by betting on these competitions.

In 2001, an American romantic musical drama film, Glitter, was launched, and made the pints and shots bar trick famous. If any of your friends have not watched the movie, then you can play the same trick on him. The trick is really simple, but be aware that the person you play the trick on, might not like the end result. So be careful as to who pick as your willing participant.

Things Required:

– 2 pints of beer
– 2 shots of alcohol
– Willing participant


  • 1

    First of all, you will need to scan the bar and look for a person who can become a participant in the trick. Try to look for a person who you don't see at the bar regularly.

    Tipsy people can also be a good choice when it comes to choosing a participant for this trick. If you are accompanied by your friends and there is one who you think will not be offended, then you can pick him up.

    Here, you should make sure that the participant does not already know anything about the trick, or else, you will end up losing the bet.

  • 2

    Now you need to bet the targeted person that you can drink two pints of beer before he/she can drink two shots. Once the challenge is accepted, order the drinks from the bartender. Stand up and face each other.

  • 3

    State the rules of the game. The other person cannot start his shots until you drink your first pint. At no time can either of you touch the other person's glass and you can only touch one glass at a time.

  • 4

    Drink your first beer. You do not have to rush because the other person can't drink until you are finished with your first pint.

  • 5

    Allow the other person to grab his or her first shot. Take your empty pint and place it over their full shot glass. Be careful not to touch the shot glass with your pint glass. You can make it seem like an accident by slamming the pint down on the bar when you are finished.

  • 6

    Slowly drink your second beer. The other person can't touch the glass, so he/she cannot move it to drink the shot.

    You win!

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