How to Do a Magic Trick With a Bic Pen

Performing a magic trick using a Bic pen is not hard. You will be required to practice to master this skill. However, luckily the steps involved in doing this trick are simple. Magic is always entertaining to watch, especially those that deceive the eyes of the viewers. It is recommended to look confident when performing magic. Talking to the audience about the trick is an excellent way to get them involved. Magicians that look uncomfortable on stage are unlikely to impress anyone. Bic pen magic trick is one of the oldest and the most entertaining.

Things required:

– Bic Pen


  • 1

    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure that you have the confidence and skills to perform this magic in front of the audience. You should be skilful enough to talk to the audience about your trick prior to performing it. If the viewers are feeling comfortable, they are likely to enjoy your presentation.

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    Consider asking someone from the audience to come up on stage and thoroughly inspect the Bic pen. You can also ask him to check your hands to make sure you are not hiding anything. This can be done to ensure the magic trick looks real to the audience. Remember to look relaxed and confident while talking to the person from the audience.

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    Use your left hand to grab the wrist of your right hand. You will need to show the audience that you are holding your wrist and will not use your hands to perform any tricks. Move your index finger slowly towards the Bic pen. Very quietly and secretly, hold the pen against the palm of your other hand. This is the secret that you should never be revealed. You will need to make sure the audience cannot see your doing trick or you will lose your job as a magician.

  • 4

    Now start opening the fist of the right hand finger by finger. This should be done slowly to show the audience that there is nothing in your hands. When really you hold the Bic pen in place, it is bound to appear to float in thin air against the back of your palm. To get this effect you will have to practice hard for quite some time in order to impress everyone with your skills.

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