How to Make a Jar Snowman

Winters and holidays bring the snowman back, in all his glory and beauty. Go down the memory lane and try to remember a fun winter. For most of us, a fun winter always included a snowman.  Snowmen do not have to be restricted to the outside areas or winters even. They can take a permanent place on your shelf or that of a friend you gifted it to. You can make  a snowman out of a mere empty jar of pickles, peanuts or jam. All you need is a clear jar and some basic stationery and you will make yourself a splendid snowman in no time.

It also makes a marvellous gift in holiday times because it is hand made with all the love. It is going to remind you of all the fun you had during those holidays. Get the children involved and turn it into a craft activity.

Things Required:

– Empty (clean) peanut butter jar
– Cotton balls
– Black and orange craft foam
– Child’s sock
– Piece of felt
– Glue
– Scissors
– 2 googly eyes


  • 1

    Clean the peanut jar; you  can also use any other jar. Round shaped jars make cute snowmen. Wash and dry the jar and fill it with the cotton balls. This is to create the snow effect. You can also paint the jar white but cotton balls give a more realistic look.

  • 2

    Attach the two googly eyes to the jar as eyes of the snowman. You can also simply use two black buttons for the same purpose. Cut out a small triangle from the craft foam to make do as the nose. Stick it under the eyes at the appropriate location.

  • 3

    Now use the black craft paper to cut out the mouth of your snowman. A creative way is to cut out small equal circles and stick them to the jar in a wide smile pattern.

  • 4

    Cut a long and thin piece of felt that is enough to be wrapped around the jar. This will act as the scarf of the snowman. To give a more realistic touch, you can use a real fabric instead of the felt. Now fit the sock over the jar to work as the hat. You can also get a characteristic snowman hat from a craft store.

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