How to Plant Bulbs for Spring Flowers

Nature does the best décor. Spring is characterized in poems and illustrations as the bloom of beautiful flowers. It is that time of the year when everything refreshes and goes all colorful. The gorgeous flowers are a sight to lock in your memory forever and something every homeowner wants around himself. Growing your flowers and watching them bloom as spring arrives is a matter of sheer joy. Most flowers are grown as bulbs and flower grows using nutrients from the bulb. Bulbs are planted in the fall so that they bloom by the spring season.

Things Required:

– Cultivator

– Compost

– Bulbs

– Hand spade

– Fertilizer 10-10-10

– Garden hose


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    You have to take great care of the timing and the bulbs that you select. October is the best time for planting most bulbs especially daffodils. November is the prime time for tulips. When you are buying bulbs, select the ones which are hard and mold free. Do not select the soft ones.

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    Till the soil to a depth of one feet to make it soft so that the bulbs can grow easily. Once you till it, spread a layer of compost or peat moss over it. Compost increases the water retention property of the soil and also adds valuable minerals to it which aid plant growth.

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    Arrange the bulbs on the soil with a space of 3 to 4 inches. This rehearsal will give you an idea of how many bulbs will fit in the area and how many holes you have to dig. Use a spade to dig up holes for the bulbs. These bulbs should at least be three times as deep as the bulbs themselves. You can also use a commercial bulb planting tools that helps dig up these holes.

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    Pour in fertilizer in the holes. You can also use a bone meal which is rich in phosphorus content. Now place the bulbs in the holes in a position that the tips point upside and the plates face the earth. This way the leaves will grow out of the head of the bulb. Now cover the holes with the upturned soil and secure the bulbs.

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    Soak up the area using the garden hose. Keep the bulbs well watered till the frost arrives. You will be looking at your own beautiful flowers when spring arrives.

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