How to Fake a Slap to The Face

Slaps are one of the most feared things in this world by the people and especially when it potentially comes from a female counterpart. There are a number of types of slaps that have been recorded over the years and these have a very diverse nature. Slapping is a process that a person often does when he gets into rage for some reason and can’t keep hold of this rush of blood to the head, using slap as n act to take out his rage on the target guy.


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    There may be a variety of slaps that have been seen and for-seen over the ages and one kind of these witnessed slaps is a fake slap. A fake slap is done in order to tease a fellow or to play a prank upon your friend by slapping him in the face with such a technique that the offended doesn't get hurt and the other people who are there to enjoy the trick happen also get facilitated and amused by the piece of art and trickery that is performed by the offender on the offended. A fake slap also has various types in itself and can be performed in many regards. The first step however on the matter is to choose the person or the target that you are looking to play the prank upon. Make sure that the person which you have chosen to be the target or the victim must be your friend, otherwise there is every chance in the world that the prank is going to backfire upon you and may even result in a fight that is obviously not for-seen and is neither a welcomed sight.

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    After getting done with the selection procedure, that is you have identified your victim on the matter, you have to make a plan on how to execute the perfect plan so that everyone there who is involved in the scene enjoys it to the utmost level. For this, you have to firstly select the most suitable place. This place must have a lot of people and student around so that the audience is perfect.

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    Now you are to invite the guy who is the victim of the prank and point towards his chin with your finger near to it. Once he sees downwards towards the finger, you have to place one hand on his cheek and slap from the other way round on to your own hand to produce the exact sound that sounds like a full fledge slap. Make sure that it is done on the other part of the audience so that the mystery of the trick is not revealed.

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