Tips on How to Save Money When it Comes to Scrapbooking

With the new addition to our family, I’ve become interested in preserving milestones and memories through scrapbooking. There are stores dedicated to this creative hobby and numerous websites to find ideas and buy supplies. There are literally thousands of products for scrapbooking, and it’s easy to get carried away, buying way more than you need or ever will use. Here are some suggestions and ways to create beautiful pages to keep memories without breaking the budget.

Discount stores are a great source for scrapbooking items. Some dollar stores even have scrapbook pages, books, and stickers. The bargains you can grab up are worth the extra effort. Plundering through the local thrift store can unveil many useful odds and ends. Garage sales are also a haven for those little touches that can be added to any scrapbook. While it may be time consuming, the extra time spent will certainly get the creative ideas flowing while going easy on the pocketbook.

Around the house is where I have found some great scrapbooking pieces such as buttons or stickers. It’s amazing what I’ve accumulated over the years that now finally has a purpose. Recycled items like clothes can make an interesting element to a themed page. A favorite shirt that has definitely seen better days can be forever preserved by using some of it to create a background and/or a frame for a picture. This is also an excellent way to keep close those things in our lives we love while giving them a new purpose. Parts of board games or puzzles missing pieces can be creatively used for many scrapbooking projects. Once the imagination gets going the possibilities are endless and unique.

While there are many scrapbook supply websites, there are equally just as many that offer free tips, templates, and clipart. Tapping into this abundant resource can open up all sort of scrapbooking page ideas. Many websites offer great ideas, insight and advice on scrapbooking. A neophyte scrapbooker can learn a lot from scrapbooking websites and forums. While on the subject of technology, the home PC can be very useful for scrapbooking. Many programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Jasc PaintShop Pro allow for photo manipulation or creative artwork that can add that extra punch to any scrapbook page. Clipart can add graphical elements to themed pages.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful opportunity to seal memories for others and yourself to enjoy. You can create a beautiful scrapbook without spending tons of money. Those treasured moments can be forever encapsulated without spending a fortune doing it by some creativity and bargain hunting. You don’t have to pay a lot to make a scrapbook look nice. All it takes is a little ingenuity and time.

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