How to Find Golf Items for a Father’s Day Gift

Great Golf Loving Father’s Day GiftsBy Marie E. BucknerWhat could be more ideal than a gift of a golf item for your golf loving dad on Father’s Day? So, it is time for you to purchase some golf items or equipment – be it clubs, golf balls, or clothing. There are so many choices available. But which are the best? Most popular? Where do you start?

Modern technology has improved every area involved in golf. Clubs are becoming lighter and stronger due to a material known as bio-matrix – a mixture of steel and graphite. Golf balls are softer and more durable. Clothing is no longer one-dimensional.

First, let us start with clubs. Every father would welcome some new clubs as a gift. Popular brands include Ping, Wilson, Taylor Made, and Callaway. Ping is noted for its popular putters. Wilson manufactures its popular selling irons known as “Wilson Fat Shafts.” The Taylor Made 300 series is also a hot-seller. Callaway, besides being a popular high-quality club manufacturer, is also noted for its ERC driver – a driver surrounded by controversy. It is the U.S. Golf Association versus Arnold Palmer, to make it short. Contact your local golf pro for more information on this, if interested. (P.S. It’s a good one!)

As far as golf clubs go, shaft technology is “in” now. For the novice, a golf club consists of a grip, shaft (the straight part), and club face (the part that hits the ball). Clubs traditionally were made from either steel or graphite. Technology now has combined these two materials into the previously mentioned substance, bio-matrix. This material is very popular and helps level the playing field for all golfers. It makes for a softer shaft, reduces the torque (twist) of the club face and increases the kick of the club, resulting in a faster swing. Any father would enjoy the new shaft technology and notice an improvement in his golf game.

If your dad has a new set of clubs and simply is not impressed with getting newer ones, he will probably be in the market for some new golf balls. Those things have a tendency to get lost in water and hazards. Popular brands of golf balls include Titleist Pro-V I, Strata, Bridgestone Precept, Nike, Spaulding, and Wilson Smart Core. Titleist Pro-V I are very popular because they have been used extensively on the pro tours recently. Find out who your father emulates and get some insight into which ball manufacturer he prefers. For a little insight into the makings of golf balls, the first four golf ball manufacturers (Titleist, Strata, Precept, and Nike) utilize what is known as the solid core technology. This technology makes for a softer, more durable ball. The golf ball maintains its consistency (stays round longer), has a better feel and spin to it, and offers the same characteristics of a higher price ball (i.e. Balata) at a more affordable cost. The combination of all these technological improvements has resulted in a golf ball popularity competition amongst manufacturers. Remember this information and repeat it to your dad upon giving him his gift of new golf balls. He may be both surprised and impressed. By the way, there are many companies available to impress names into golf balls. Maybe it would be fun to have your dad’s name impressed this way.

(Note: There is a golf ball out known as “Precept Lady.” It provides a lower compression ball so one does not have to swing as hard to obtain distance. The price is half the cost of others, and it is the best kept secret around. That is until now.)

OK, so your dad is not in the market for clubs or golf balls. What else is there to choose for a Father’s Day gift? Look no further than the ever popular polo shirt, to name one. Popular brands of golf clothing include Polo, Haley, Sun Mountain, and Sun Ice. Technology has improved golf clothing in many ways. It has made for more popular choices since clothing can now be worn in more places than just on the golf course (i.e. multi-dimensional). Clothing is now lighter and stronger, has increased versatility, and is less climate sensitive (i.e. going from 10 to 70 degrees easily). Of particular interest is a brand called “Second Skin.” Fleece-like material is dipped into a duck wax component and becomes water repellent. Hence, water repels off the material like water off a duck’s back. Give your dad a vest made of “Second Skin” and watch his delight as he laughs at his friends who are caught in the rainstorm and drenching. He will be dry and ready. Golfers are like that, you know.

Other popular clothing items include Nike shoes, private club logos, and Ping “Hoofer” golf bags. There has to be something your father would enjoy receiving as a gift.

For those wanting to buy a novelty item as a Father’s Day gift, how about a golf themed coffee mug? Or, some personalized tees are a great idea. There also are a number of excellent golf books that are there for the reading. Joke books, fiction, and autobiographies would all be a delight to the golf loving dad to receive on Father’s Day.

Finally, you can also give your father a gift certificate for a day’s outing at the golf course of his liking. For a great treat – and one that will surely please him, give him a homemade gift certificate entitling him to one day’s caddy service – with you being the caddy. What fun! (for him, especially!) He may even invite you to the 19th hole after the game.

In closing, we are blessed to live in a society which provides numerous top-quality golf courses that are prime for the playing. Golf is an integral part of country and loved by many worldwide! Golf is almost a universal language! There are so many great Father’s Day gift ideas for your golf loving dad, hopefully, you will find one that will tickle your dad’s fancy. Enjoy!

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