How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards

Reading reversed tarot cards can be a little tricky especially if you are new to this or are just starting out. If you’ve been studying tarot cards for a while, perhaps you’ve kept your cards right side up and haven’t encountered the cards reversal. Maybe you have chosen to study the cards when they appear to have changed in the spread. If you want to add more intensity to your tarot card readings, being able to study reversed cards will help you. If you want to read reversed tarot cards then follow these simple steps to help get you started.


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure that you have the skills and passion to perform his task. Once you have made up your mind, consciously acknowledge your intention to study the reversed cards. You may even want to state it out loud. If you've ignored the reversal for the cards, this step is important, because your power helps to align the cards. This change must be kept in mind throughout the studying process.

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    Do your research and reading as you normally would. Put your cards in their normal positions in the propagate and regard the significance of each cards individually, as well as in connection with the other cards.

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    Turn the tarot card cards over. If it's changed, first study the cards as you would have if they were correctly positioned. The signifiers are all the same. The illustration should arouse the same intuitive feelings and carry the same significance. You need to feel the interpretation so it is a good idea to practice and take your time while doing this. After some time you will be able to get a hang of this as it will definitely help your tarot card readings.

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    Consider the reversal for the tarot cards after studying it consistently. Changed cards indicate the same as the correctly positioned cards, only diminished in some way. Often, changed cards signifies what is meant to be, but hasn't been realised yet. Maybe something in your life is hindering you from showing the power in the cards easily. If you feel that you need some additional help then build up your skill levelĀ  by reading some books on tarot interpretation.

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    Notice the percentage of changed and reversed tarot cards in your studying. If you observe that the great majority of your cards are erect, this implies your energies are, in general, flowing easily. Your spirit is showing itself powerfully. If the majority of the cards are reversed by the process, perhaps this is a sign that something in your life is stifling your power. Make sure that you are thoroughly relaxed and that your senses are ready to pick up on subtle hints which can help your tarot card reading.

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