How to Make Hair Ribbons for Sports

Female sports teams or cheerleading squads will often require accessories to go with their team uniform, and prime among these are hair ribbons in team colours, to keep hair off the face and give an added feeling of team unity and spirit.

If your team happens to be in need of matching accessories, try making your own hair ribbons for sports, as opposed to buying them from a store – this way, you will not need to spend too much, and will also be able to tailor the ribbons to your team’s particular preferences.

Things Required:

– Ruler
– Ribbons in school colours of various widths
– Scissors
– Ponytail holders
– Sewing needle
– Thread


  • 1

    Start by cutting out the ribbons and arranging them on top of each other. Firstly, determine how long you want the hair bow to be, and then double this length, so the “tails” of the ribbons can hang down from each side of the bow.

  • 2

    Cut all the ribbons to the same length (use a ruler for this purpose), and then cut the ends of each ribbon into a V shape, to give them a neater, more streamlined look. Make sure the lengths and angles are the same for each ribbon.

  • 3

    Now, layer the ribbons on top of each other, with the thickest at the bottom, and the thinnest at the top, arranged in ascending order. Make sure the ribbons are all the right side up – arranged this way, they should now form one big ribbon. Fold the entire ribbon in half, put a stitch through the underside, and tie the ends of the thread at the back into a knot, to secure the layers of the ribbon. Then, you may unfold it.

  • 4

    Next it is time to attach the ponytail holder (hair elastic).  For this purpose, push a threaded needle through the very centre of the ribbons, on the underside, and wrap this thread around all the ribbons. Then, you can scrunch them all together by pulling on the thread tightly, and keep wrapping it around the ribbons, until they are all secure.

  • 5

    Then, hold one side of the ponytail holder against the back of the ribbons, and use a needle and thread to secure it to the ribbon. To make it completely secure, put a couple of stitches right through the ponytail holder, and secure it all by knotting the thread. Your sports team hair ribbon is now ready.

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