How to Furnish an L Shaped Studio Apartment

Furnishing an L shaped studio apartment, can be quite challenging especially if you are unfamiliar with basic design concepts or interior design techniques. The key is to have everything you need without blocking or overcrowding the L shaped apartment. By keeping things basic or minimal will definitely help you stay organised and keep your L shaped studio apartment looking elegant and well furnished. If you are looking to furnish an L shaped studio apartment then there are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to help you make it look like an interior designer was hired for the job.


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    Make a floor plan:

    Make a simple floor plan of your L shaped studio apartment highlighting the areas that have more space. Remember to make a note of the longest walls and where the windows are located in the floor plan as well. This floor plan will help you organise all of your current furniture and also assist when deciding to buy newer items.

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    Longest wall:

    Identify the longest wall in the L shaped studio apartment and use that as a guideline to place your sofa or chairs against. Depending on the direction that you prefer to sit, you can also use this wall as a nice place to put an entertainment unit which has your television and sound system on it.

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    Use modular furniture:

    Using modular furniture that can be separated and placed around your L shaped studio apartment will not only look good but it is also very cost effective as well. You can use half of a modular sofa on one side and place the other part on the other side of the L shape. Also, try to use light coloured furniture as it will enhance your L shaped studio apartment giving it a roomier feel. This will maintain some consistency in the design and look elegant as well.

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    Folding furniture:

    If the size of your L shaped studio apartment is a little cramped then you might want to consider using folding type furniture. Sofa beds and folding tables are relatively inexpensive items which you can find in almost any furniture store. The best part is the functionality you will get by using folding type furniture as it will reduce the amount of space used and also provide more functionality to your furniture.

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    Use Mirrors:

    Placing mirrors on different walls can help you make your L shaped studio apartment look more spacious. You can also put various pieces of art on the walls that add to the depth of your apartment. The goal is to make it look as if you have more room than you actually have.

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