Summer Craft Ideas for the Kids

Here are 3 Summer Craft Ideas to keep your kids busy during the summer. These Summer Crafts don’t require much money, if any at all.

1. Color Sand Bottles
This is a really cool craft idea. You can use any type of jar or bottle that has a lid or cork. I find that baby food jars work really well for this project.

Materials You Will Need:

Bottles or Jars – (how ever many you want to use)
Paper Cups
Food Coloring
Paper Towels
Plastic Spoons


Fill the paper cups about half full with sand. Add just enough water to the cups to cover the sand. Once you have added the water you can add the food coloring to each cup. You can mix the food coloring together to get different colors. Now you will need to stir your cups of sand up to allow the food coloring to spread through the sand. Let the cups sit for about 15 – 20 minutes to allow the food coloring and the sand to set. When the time is up, pour the remaining water off of the sand. Lay some paper towels out on a table or something flat. Using your plastic spoon, dip the sand out of the cup and spread on the paper towels. Give your sand some time to dry and then you can start filling your bottles or jars. Use the funnel so you can easily get the sand in the bottles or jars.

2. Decorated Flip Flops
This Summer Craft Idea is a great way to turn those boring flip flops in to fancy flip flops. You can buy the $1 flip flops to decorate. They work really well.

Materials You Will Need:

Flips Flops
Craft Glue
Feathers, Beads, Rhinestones, Buttons, Ribbon, or what ever you want to use to decorate your flip flops.


Get crafty and glue your stuff on the plastic that goes across the top of the foot. There are many different designs that you can do and many different things that you can use to decorate. Use your imagination and you can fancy those flip flops up.

3. Ladybug Garden Decorations
This summer craft idea is sure to make a pretty piece for your garden.

Material You Will Need:

Oval Rocks (what ever size you prefer)
Paint – Black, Red, & White (the acrylic paint pens work the best)
Rolling Eyes – (optional)

Paint the rock to make it look like a ladybug. If you want to put rolling eyes on it instead of painting the eyes on, then just place the eyes on the rock. This summer craft is fairly easy and a lot of fun.

Summer Crafts are a great way to keep the little ones occupied. These crafts cost very little money and are simple to do. I have made these summer crafts with my kids and they really enjoyed them. Have Fun!!!!!

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