Reuse and Recycle Tomato Cages as Christmas Trees

You can still put your old (or new) tomato cages to good use during the Christmas season. The conical shape of the tomato cage allows it to be presented as a metal Christmas tree. Tomato cages are small enough for you to be able to incorporate as many as you like into your home’s holiday decor. Tomato cages are sturdy and not likely to die after a few weeks! While it is possible to lose a part of a tomato cage, it is not nearly as likely as losing a limb that belongs to an artificial Christmas tree. And talk about easy storage! Especially if you have multiple tomato cages, all you have to do is stack them one on top of the other. Now find a cozy corner in your basement or shed and forget about them until next Christmas. Or until the next spring, if you want to get double the use out of your tomato cages and don’t mind a little bit of clean up in between the seasons.

Wrap a tomato cage in fairy lights. In its simplicity, this is an elegant and festive Christmas decoration. Decorate multiple tomato cages in fairy lights for a forest ambiance. You might even add small Christmas figures around the tomato cage Christmas trees and sprinkle faux snow on the floor.

Hang Christmas ornaments from a tomato cage. Go with whatever theme you have chosen for this year’s holiday decorating scheme. For example, you might decorate with all blue ornaments or gingerbread man ornaments. You can tier the ornaments from smallest to largest or mix them all together.

Decorate a tomato cage with lengths of ribbon. Cut enough lengths of ribbon to completely cover the tomato cage, thus giving the look of a festive Christmas tree. This will usually require two or three layers of ribbon overlapping each other. Choose holiday ribbons, either the traditional red and green or ribbon printed with holiday images of reindeer, Santa and such.

Using tomato cages as holiday decor is a great idea for Christmas gifts, as well. You might give a fully decorate tomato cage or you might give someone a kit, specifically a tomato cage, fairy lights and ornaments or a gift certificate so that they can choose the holiday decorations for the tomato cage themselves.

Merry, merry Christmas to you all!

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