How to Sell Your Handcrafts at a Craft Show

When it comes to selling handcrafts, customer care is extremely important. A little negligence can ruin future prospects of establishing a strong rapport in the market. Though the quality of work is crucial to success, it is actually the goodwill, which goes to decide how much market share you can possess ultimately.

It is more than just bringing the hand-made merchandises to the fairs and putting them before the potential customers. Creating a positive word of mouth does wonders. The customer, leaving your booth delighted and satisfied, is going to multiply the sales, as his family and friends take a great image of your products after he shares his experience with them.

Before going to the shows, make sure you have the kind of staff which can interact pleasantly with customers. Along with it, have proper arrangements in place about how handcrafts will be displayed during the fair, because dull and dead looking demonstrations can stop customers from attending the booth, even if it hosts products of their interest.


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    Stay away from central stage of the fair

    Doing so can help you escape the sound and noise coming off from all around. By setting up the stall a bit away from huge gatherings, one can communicate with customers easily, mitigating the chances of misunderstandings. That also gives you an opportunity to understand areas of interest of the visitors properly.

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    Use appropriate colour scheme

    Never put up such a presentation that annoys fair attendees or make it nearly impossible for them to watch the stuff clearly. Sometimes, crafts placed behind the main decorations are the ones that need to be put up front. Improper placements reduce sales, of even those merchandises that would sell like hot cakes otherwise.

    Whether to use bright colours or stick to the lighter shades should be decided after a theme of the event is known. Anything out of normal in this regard can be unhelpful for attracting customers, unless some amazing innovation is there.

    Colour scheme
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    Try to take contact details of visitors

    Attendees, standing on the stalls and enjoying watching the products, can be asked for contact details. In this way, they can be informed about future events, where your handcrafts will be put on sale. Besides, new stock acquisitions will be made known to them through emails or messages. Apart from this, a sound relationship will be built with them, which will help a lot as new products are introduced.

    Contact details

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