How to Use a Square Punch in Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking can be a lot of fun for the entire family as it allows each person to make a design or theme of their choice and fill it with items they like. Learning how to scrapbook is easy as the process depends on your personal tastes when it comes to layout and style. Instead of using scissors to cut shapes in your scrapbook you can use a square punch. If you want to learn how to use a square punch in your scrapbook then there are a few techniques that you can learn easily.

Things Required:

– Different square punches

– Paper


  • 1

    Determine your needs:

    It is very important that before you go out and buy a square punch that you determine your needs in terms of size, price, styles, brand and usability. There is a wide variety of square punches available and it is crucial that you first figure out what type, style and size of squares you want to put in your scrapbook. This will help you in getting the right square punch which will hopefully last a long time.

  • 2

    Purchase square punch:

    Go to your nearest stationary store and you will find a wide variety of square punchers that you can choose from. Try to buy one that adjusts for making different size squares in your scrapbook. You can also buy a square punch that makes designs in the paper while cutting.

  • 3

    Decide where you want a square:

    Take your paper and decide where you want to make a square cut. It can be in the middle of the paper or towards the bottom so that you can add your text or images easily.

  • 4

    Adjust square punch:

    Make the necessary adjustments to your square punch in accordance to the size of the square that you want to cut in your paper.

  • 5

    Slide paper in puncher:

    Carefully slide your paper in the square puncher and make sure it is sitting even with the guide. You may have to slide the paper around slightly to get make sure that you have aligned it properly.

  • 6

    Push top of puncher:

    Once everything is aligned properly you can push down on the square puncher. Remember to do it in one motion until you get to the point where the paper gets cut. You can now release the square puncher and slide your paper out. Be sure to inspect the square cut that you have now made on the paper and repeat the entire process for the other pages that you will want to include in your scrapbook.

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