How to Sell Your Product on TV

If you manufacture or produce a product that you think is going to attract a lot of people, if given the proper media exposure, you need to put it up for sale on TV. Television is the best platform to advertise and sell a product as it will sky rocket sales and eventually result in an increased return on investment (ROI).

Having said all that, an important fact to keep in mind is the competition going on these. Countless products are put up for sale on television every day. Not all of them get sold the way a manufacturer wants. So, if you are planning to start selling a product on TV, you must know the right way to do it.


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    Think about the ways in which the product you are putting up for sale is different than the others and what additional benefits your product offers. Does your product offers a solution to a problem? In simple words, you have to think of all the plus points of your product.

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    Visit the official Home Shopping Network (HSN) website. You will be required to fill in an application form to put your product up for sale on HSN. Download and read it thoroughly. Carefully go through the terms and conditions section.

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    Fill out the application form. Post mail it to the mailing address and make sure in the mail package you include a catalogue, brochure, picture and a sample (if applicable) of the product that you are planning to advertise on HSN.

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    The staff at HSN will analyse if your product is worth getting an appearance on the TV network or not. They may need more information to reach a final decision. If a request for more information does come in, entertain it as soon as possible.

    Normally, it will take around 45 days for the HSN staff to reach a conclusion. If their decision is a ‘yes’, you will be contacted by one of their representative to arrange a meeting in person.

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    If the meeting goes through successfully, you will be asked to pay a certain amount of money in terms of advertisement fee. The fee that you have to pay will depend on the feedback from the HSN staff. Make the necessary payment.

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    Another thing you will have to demonstrate to HSN will be your capability to meet supply demands. Contact vendors of the product that you are putting up for sale. Ask for quotations and get production on its way as soon as possible.

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