Make Fake Blood for Halloween

Fake blood is a big seller around Halloween. After all, Dracula wouldn’t be very frightening without a little fake blood. Haunted houses complete with bloodthirsty characters wouldn’t be terrifying if fake blood wasn’t part of the scene. The problem is, fake blood is usually sold in little tubes, and if you need a large quantity of fake blood, you’ll drain your wallet before you have the quantity you need.

Don’t buy fake blood for your Halloween makeup or haunted house display. You can make fake blood that looks frighteningly real with four simple ingredients. The following instructions explain how to make a large quantity of fake blood that will shock and scare even the most hardened horror fan. Make this fake blood and you might even scare yourself since it looks incredibly real!


This fake blood looks so real someone might think you’re really bleeding, so proceed with caution. The following fake blood is intended for those wanting to add realism to a Halloween costume or haunted house scene, and it’s not meant for practical jokes. You wouldn’t want to give someone a heart attack! Or would you?

Also, keep in mind that fake blood can create permanent stains on fabrics and other surfaces. Use it responsibly and cautiously.

Necessary Supplies

To make a large batch of fake blood you’ll need three cups of light corn syrup, one cup of cherry grenadine, and red and blue food coloring. You’ll also need a large mixing bowl, a spoon, and a quart-size container with a tight-fitting lid. A squirt bottle might also be useful in creating a horrific haunted house scene or Halloween display.

Grenadine contains corn syrup, and it’s often used in mixed drinks. You can find grenadine in the alcoholic mixer section of grocery stores as well as most liquor stores. Although the main ingredient in grenadine is corn syrup, the consistency and color adds realism to fake blood.


Blend the grenadine into the corn syrup, and deepen the tint with red food coloring. Give the mixture a more realistic color by stirring in five or six drops of blue food coloring. Thoroughly blend the mixture, and pour it into a container of your choice. Your fake blood will be ready to use with a Halloween costume or a ghastly Halloween display.

Ideas for Leftovers

Believe it or not, leftovers can be poured over ice cream sundaes for a bloody good Halloween treat. Push a couple of chocolate chips into the centers of mini marshmallows to make ghoulish looking eyeballs. Toss in several gummy worms, and you’ve got a Halloween sundae that even Dracula would enjoy. The sweet cherry topping will give a whole new meaning to the word bloodthirsty, and you’ll enjoy tasty syrup that no one would ever guess doubles as fake blood.

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