How to Flutter Your Tongue on a Trumpet

Trumpet is a beautiful musical instrument, one that has been adding a bit of jazz to music since a number of decades now. The music history is full of outstanding trumpet players, musicians who captivated the crowd with their magical talent and performances.

If you are interesting in playing a trumpet and want to learn how to flutter your tongue on a trumpet, there are a few basic things that you will need to learn. Even after learning those things, a lot will depend on your ability to roll your Rs.


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    The first thing that you need to do before you start practicing fluttering your tongue on a trumpet is to learn to play the instrument itself. Instead of jumping straight to the advanced lessons, start off by learning the basics. Like any other musical instrument, learning to play the trumpet takes a lot of time. You will struggle to play it on the first day, but if you keep coming back and putting in a committed effort, you will find yourself getting good at it. It is important to enjoy the music, as it makes it easier to learn the instrument and return to it every day. You can learn to play the trumpet by either joining a music academy offering lessons on it, or you can take help from an online trumpet training programme.

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    Once you have gotten comfortable with the trumpet and are well-learned about the basics, you can start off with the relatively advanced techniques such as fluttering your tongue on a trumpet. You only need your mouthpiece to practice the fluttering of tongue. Practice the rolling Rs, resembling the sound of “r” in a Russian accent. You can practice this while working around the house, stopping at a red light while driving, during your morning or evening walk, etc. Always remember that practice makes perfect. If you struggle to roll your Rs in the first week, do not become disheartened. You are bound to get the hang of it sooner or later.

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    Once you have learnt to roll your Rs at will, start fluttering your tongue while playing the trumpet. Again, keep on practicing until you master it.

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    In case you continue to struggle to flutter your tongue despite putting in a couple of week’s practice into to learn the technique, you may want to consider using an alternative method to achieve the same sound. Instead of fluttering your tongue on the trumpet, make a small growling sound in your throat. This would be pretty similar to your clearing your throat, though with a far more deeper sound in your throat. A few trumpet players love this sound better than the fluttering of tongue.

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