How to Make a Coin Disappear in your Hand

If you want to show off in front of kids at some party, there are multiple ways to accomplish that goal. However, the easiest possible method to get attention of the crowd is by performing a simple trick in which you make a coin disappear from your hand. This is one of the very basic magic tricks and is not that difficult to master.


  • 1

    Take the coin that suits your palm. It should not be too big so as to slip from the surface of your palm or too thin that it is hardly visible. A coin used for toss purposes in the matches in the best pick for this trick.

  • 2

    Keep the coin in your right hand and allow the participant from the crowd to sign/mark it for you so that they don’t have any reason to disbelief you. Don’t keep the coin on anywhere other than the palm of your hand.

  • 3

    Curl the right hand in a way that it appears to be holding an orange.

  • 4

    Now place the left hand over it and fake a tossing action to make the audience believe you have actually tossed the coin into the left hand. The coin actually slips into your fingers and what you are showing to the audience is only your left hand.

  • 5

    Swiftly take the right hand back and slip the coin into your trousers pocket.

  • 6

    Now show the left hand, and surprise the audience.

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