How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers with Kids

If you are someone who is often asked to look after children, you will know that it is very hard to keep them focused, contained and sitting in one place. This is why a great way to keep them focused is to teach them how to make tissue paper flowers.

While making these flowers, they will end up spending a lot of time staying away from danger, and will end up making something productive, which they can later display.

Things Required:

-Tissue papers


  • 1

    Firstly you need to go on and lay down about four sheets of tissues paper on top of each other. When laying them down, make sure that you are gentle, since you don’t want there to be any small tears or rips in the sheets. Make sure that they are placed so that all their ends meet. It is okay if you can’t get them to line up a hundred percent however.

  • 2

    Next you need to start folding the tissue papers. However, unlike a normal fold which you would make, you need to fold these tissues using the accordion style. While folding, make sure that each of the folds is about one inch wide in length.

  • 3

    After you have folded them initially in the accordion style, go ahead and fold the already folded sheet in half, in the traditional method.

  • 4

    You may now get some green wire, and place it on the end of the tissue paper. Leave a little bit of the wire on top, so that you can use that part to wrap around the tissue paper as well.

  • 5

    Now hold all of this together, and staple the wire to the tissue paper. You need to staple it to the accordion you made, but make sure that while you are stapling it, you leave enough room for a stem.

  • 6

    Go ahead and fold down the wire and twist it, to give it a stem-like effect.

  • 7

    Lastly, starting with the top of the tissue paper, go ahead and fan out the tissue paper, so that none of the sheets that you folded are now stuck together. This is a very hard step, so you have to be very patient when doing this. Any harsh or sudden movements could result in torn tissue, and a ruined paper flower.

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